Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paper weights revisited: more to show

Here are several more paper weights that I made recently. The rubber stamp (hands folding the paper crane) is from a series I drew several years ago. This weight also has little velvet leaves in the collage.
Amazing Midori ribbon, an antique Chinese coin and a lovely sticker of a Mary Cassat painting ended up in this paper weight. I love this format - the collages are easy to create and can be made with bits and pieces of stuff I have saved over the years.
A slice of an old playing card, velvet leaves (I use them a lot and a snippet of a photo from a catalog along with dots of glitter glue (another favorite supply) make up this collage. I could make these forever . . . the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back on track - time to post!

Well I've certainly taken my sweet time to get back to writting! It's been a busy summer here at Good Taste. We've had corporate events and a bunch of beautiful weddings - three more coming up and then a short breather. Coupled with the incredible weather here in Seattle - great but very hot - we gals have "glowed" a lot (according to my Southern grandmother, "Men perspire, horses sweat, women glow!").

These paperweights are a continuing DIY project - given to our favorite vendors and wonderful clients. Each collage is created from bits of paper, found objects and other ephemera and is inserted under the glass. I use a velvet pad to keep them from scratching the table. They are fun to make and we've gotten an amazing response.